We dedicate MOODSWING to every woman on earth…

Who is fearless and passionate about their life. Embracing every single situation in life with unbreakable spirit and a positive attitude… even though sometimes you have to struggle to overcome insurmountable odds that leave you crying out and feeling numb, as women in the end, you will prevail.

“We want you to feel good, to look good and be happy… as simple as having a good life without worrying too much or caring what people think about you!”
“MOODSWING is all about you – being grateful for who and what you are! We accompany you with something that can add happiness to your day, but the decision is yours…”

What Moodswing will offer

We embrace freedom, comfort and the pride of being a woman. That kind of spirit has been translated into the design, fabric and style of our collection. MOODSWING is about simplicity, lightness and a touch of detail, combined with comfort. We will always amuse you with a variety of looks and styles true to your own identity. One thing for sure, this is not just a fashion brand! This is also a medium for women to share their thoughts, stories and inspirations for others.

As my mother always said, “Do not underestimate the power of women! You will never know how it can strike you!”

Notes: We dedicate this wonderful inspiring brand to our beloved mom, Mrs. Roosye Basuki.

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